Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Resources for South Eastern Idaho and Idaho Falls

Although southeast Idaho is a great place to liveespecially for those who love the outdoors—it is not the most welcoming to LGBT individuals. Building a sense of belonging is a shared responsibility, especially for those of us living in smaller communities on this side of the state. We can stand united to fight discrimination, to end school bullyingand we might as well have fun in the process! This website is being developed to inform everyone of LGBT resources currently available in Southeast Idaho. It is my hope that we will continue to build a strong LGBT community to make our home an even better place to live.

NOTE: If there are other resources in South East Idaho Please let me know by email

LGBT Organizations in Southwest Idaho

Gay sunday brunch: A nice and safe place to meet gay people from Idaho Falls. They meet every Sunday at 11:00 AM at Dixie's Diner.

Idaho Falls PFLAG: This is a great and safe place to meet gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, parents of gays and just supporters of GLBT community. They meet every third Sunday in the Universal Unitarian Church.

Genesis Project: This is a social group that educates young men about safe sex practices. It is for young men from 18-35 years of age. The have a lot of different activities and a center in Pocatello.

Breaking Boundaries: This is a great resource for funding projects that relate to LGBT activities. You can also volunteer to the different activities and fund raising events. This organization was started by the LGBT community but have broken help other underrepresented groups in Idaho Falls area.

LGBT Community Group: This group is at the United Church of Christ in Pocatello on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. I have not been but it looks very promising.

Dating Websites

Connexion: This is a great website for meeting people in Idaho Falls area.. It does not allow any adult pictures to be displayed which is rather nice. It is like a facebook for gay people. This is also a great place to get the news on current gay issues.

: This is a website for Gay Mormons. It is a great place to talk with people struggling with similar issues. There are also a lot of good resources. WARNING: This site is for people who may not be okay with being gay and are trying to change. Still a valuable site meeting other Mormons

Manhunt: This is more of a hook up site. There are a lot of people from Southeast Idaho on this website. WARNING: The has adult oriented material.

Craig's list Strictly Platonic.: This is a good website for meeting just friends who are gay. It is not used as much as it should be but still can be a good resources.

SilverDaddys: This is a dating website for the older crowd. I have never been on it but others have liked it. WARNING: This has adult oriented material

Craigs List Dating : This is a website for men dating men. There are a lot of posts every day. Mostly people wanting to hook up. WARNING: Adult oriented material.
Misc Romance

Gay Friendly Churches

United Church of Christ of Pocatello
309 N Garfield Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204-3138
(208) 232-3056

Universalist Unitarian of Idaho Falls
555 E St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-3521
(208) 522-8269

Universalist Unitarian of Pocatello
309 N Garfield Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204-3138
(208) 233-2602

St Lukes Episcopal of Idaho Falls
270 N Placer Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-4021
(208) 522-8465

Trinty Episcopal of Pocatello
248 N Arthur Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204-3104
(208) 233-2640

Gay Friendly Mental Health

Mental Wellness Center: I personally go to them for LGBT issues. They are very open and friendly and will help you deal with accepting and loving yourself.
420 E 25th Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
208 881-0115

ISU Counseling and Testing
(Counseling Services by LGBT Friendly Staff)

1001 South 8th Street
Gravely Hall South, 3rd Floor
Pocatello, ID 83209
(208) 282-2130

LGBT Friendly Businesses

Main Street Coffee and News
234 N Main St
Pocatello, ID 83204
(208) 234-9834

The College Market
604 S. 8th Street
Pocatello, ID 83204
(208) 232-3993

Pocatello Food Co-op
815 South 1st Avenue
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 232-2181

Charley’s (Local Gay Bar)
331 E. Center St.
Pocatello, ID
(208) 565-9606

Additional Information
Resources for gay Mormons (MoHo):  This is list of resources for Gay Mormons.   WARNING: Not all links on this website do I support but I still feel people should know what is out there and choose for themselves.

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